Pan seared chicken with Thai yellow curry sauce. (21 day approved)

My husband is a curry lover and he could drink the whole order of curry all by himself when we go to Thai restaurant. He loves Thai food for the fact that it got a lot of flavors and he loves spicy food, he could even eat spicier food than me. His favorite is Yellow curry even which is the least spicy curry out of all the curries Thai people have (Red curry, Green curry, Yellow curry, Panang curry,  and Massamun curry) as the baste of yellow curry has the least any chili pepper in it. If you want to make your own yellow curry paste from scratch, please look up some great ingredient online or try this link, she uses a lot of natural and healthy ingredients Thai yellow curry, one day I will blog about my own yellow curry recipe, please stay tune. As for me, I haven’t got to that point to make my own yellow curry paste yet but as far as I know, all ingredients they used to make yellow curry are natural and so healthy. Of course I have to make sure they did not put MSG in it and knowing how to read both Thai and English, I chose the best for our family. (This time I used pre-packaged yellow curry by one of the leading brand in Thailand)

Anyway, since my husband is a curry lover and I am Thai I decided to combine the food that we love with healthy way of living our life but not making it so boring. 21 day fix eating program seemed to be more of a clean eating food and my clean means less process, fresh and natural with a little fun. So instead of having him eating the whole order of curry, I decided to minimized everything down but remain the fullness and yumminess in them. And curries are definitely great on the next day, trust me, you have to try it.

so here is the amount and how you can make Thai yellow curry in the amount that would be approved in the 21 day fix program and I hope everyone will enjoy my recipe.


Pan seared Chicken breast topped with Thai Yellow curry (for 2)


Yellow curry sauce

1/4 tsp coconut oil

1  tsp yellow curry paste

2 tbs coconut milk

1 tbs water

1/2 tsp brown sugar (or honey, use 1/4 Stevie if you want to cut down calories)

Himalayan salt to taste

  1. heat up coconut oil with medium heat and out yellow curry paste, lower the heat to medium low to low. This is to get all the aroma out of the paste to get maximize flavoring.
  2. Add coconut milk and water and wait till it bubble a little.
  3. Add Brown sugar and a tit bit of salt and simmer it to desire thickness.

you can skip adding salt to it as the curry paste itself already has salt but I like how the salt brings out more of the flavors after everything is cooked and I love how Himalayan salt taste so I put just a little to it.

I pan seared about 4-5 chicken breast in water to eliminate the oil and steamed up some veggie such as sugar snap and broccoli. I had about 2 breast and my husband had 3 as picture and we don’t go for rice this time. The curry that goes on top of the chicken is just right to bring joy to the food yet satisfy our taste buds. SERIOUSLY!!! you have got to try this and you will love it.