Little about me. (ภาษาไทยข้างล่างนะคะ)


My name is Nacha and I am a mother of one beautiful baby girl who is a darling. She was born 9 lbs 12 oz, yes I know she is a big baby to begin with and I am a small girl too. I weight about 113 lbs before I got pregnant and is 4' 11" tall. You see how small I was? Before I delivered my baby I gained about 52 lbs and that was all good eating and excuses to eat more , yap, my weight was 165 lbs before I delivered my beautiful baby girl. And yes, blame it all to the hormones and the good carbs and yummy stuffs in the market.

But now its all not the same. I can't do the same and be the same or eat the same any more. Not because I have any problem but because I learned to changed my life style and guess what, I love it.

I used to be quite active with my husband, before the baby came to change our life, we used to go for a hike or a bike ride almost every weekends and all of the sudden we stopped. Not because of our little girl, well, a little. In the beginning when she was here, it's okay to make those excuse that I still feel the pain (from my c-section) and that the baby is to small to go do such things but now she is over a year, I can't used those excuses any more.

For the whole 10 months my eating life style was the same as when I was pregnant, I eat all carbs, ice creams, cakes, sugar, you name it and was not gaining but my weight kept going down or at worse stay the same, thanks to breastfeeding. However, my fats and chubbiness stays, my body still store fats to be able to produce milk for my baby and with no exercise, the body doesn't burn much and I don't care much if I workout or not, I just do it sometimes to help my husband stay in shape, well sort of. I used to have a bad headache, feeling really tired most of the time and my mood swing was bad!!!

At about the same time (10 months postpartum) I realized my tremendous hair loss but at first I thought it was just a hormones change after the baby arrived until I went to see the doctor and discovered that I have hyperthyroid. I know its generally nothing big to bother and it will be fine as long as I am on medication. But I was really scared at first especially the part that I could have heart attack if I workout too hard or anything could happen due to hormones not function properly.

All of these incidents, headache, tiredness, mood swings, grumpy, not actives, hyperthyroid etc, gave me reason to start looking for ways to get healthier and stay in a better health for my daughter. I want to see her growing up, I want to be there for her in everything she does. So I started to eat better until I found out again from my friends who join the program 21 day fix and they told me that it change their lives not only by getting skinnier and toner but the whole life style of eating healthy as well.

So I looked into it and something had got into me, I decided ordered one challenge pack within 3 days and I thought I made mistakes by falling into traps of loop market again. I got to admit that I was really skeptical at first with the challenge pack and even the Shakeology but after a month goes by and I was so happy with the result and how I feel. It's amazing and I'm glad I join the program and was able to put my skeptical thinking away even though we are planning to have a number 2 baby and still breastfeeding my first, that wouldn't stop me from being healthy and keep myself that way. And that's when I started eating healthier food and choose better on the choice of food I put in my body.


I definitely love cooking and had been cooking anything I want before I realized about the word healthy food. All the food I ate was mostly junk and process and now I look for more ways to adapt the food I love and make it healthy for the ones I love and for myself. And of course I don't forget to keep myself strong even though I'm not in 21 day fix program any more, I still workout and keep my body and heart fit. It feels amazing over all and I hope I can help you, at least to explore with the similar way of eating but make them healthier.

So, what is your excuse to stay healthy?